Friday, October 2nd, 2015

That catchup meme

Friday, October 2nd, 2015 04:50 pm
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I'm not getting a lot of time to update in detail, but at least this'll be something.

Major life changes?
Nothing really major?
Fall semester has started (I'm taking Discrete Math and Web Application Development this semester)
I'm sort of house searching sort of at the behest of my mom

What fandom are you in/do you spend most of your time in?
Probably Dragon Age right now. But I'm also not terribly active in either - most just consuming it.

Where do you hang out online?
Twitter is probably the most common, then Slack and LJ/DW.

What are you reading?
I had been on a kick of taking out scads of eBooks from the BPL (mostly romance novels), but since class has started that's basically stopped. Also, work is being ridiculous right now. There's just no time. Oh, and aside from BPL stuff, I got the first three or four books of Annie Bellet's 20 sided sorceress stuff, which I've been quite enjoying.

What are you watching?
Nothing. Um. Occasional episodes of You Suck at Cooking on YouTube? Basically nothing. What is time?

What are you making?
Hopefully pupusas this weekend! In a crafty sense, not much at the moment. I'm intermittently working on an Ursula cosplay, but it's very intermittent right now.

What are you squeeing about today?
It's Friday. We're having a game night. I'm extremely excited to do some cooking and possibly figure out the Rojo sauce one of the local restaurants our house loves.

In a general way, I'm also really enthused about my Discrete Math class. My prof for that is great, and it makes me happy.

If you could rope old fandom friends into a new fandom, it would be...
Well, I do basically want to enthuse at everyone about Dragon Age. Entertainingly, our house is likely soon to have three copies of Dragon Age: Inquisition. But I think there are a lot of folks already in that fandom, so I don't really need to rope people in.

I should really watch/read/dive into _______ and then come talk to you about it!
I don't even know how to answer this. I want to get into Steven Universe so I can talk to everyone else in existence about it, but time. Time is not a thing in my life.

What else is on your mind?
Work is a giant disaster area and I'm drowning and I've been coughing for weeks and all my friends are sick and I am stressed out of my gourd and I can't keep up...

But on the plus side, I'm going to see the symphony this weekend with a work friend, so that'll be really, really nice.

Oh, also I'm pleased about making progress on our Stranger Ways album. And we have videos from our summer concerts up now! They're here:

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