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Monday, July 8th, 2013 12:42 pm
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I never post often enough, and I know there's constantly Stuff ongoing, so I thought I'd take a moment.

Work: While everyone else is running around headless chicken style, uh. I'm actually kind of underwhelmed? Sad that our stupid scale hosting pilot we've been working on is on hold for two to three months now while we open a flood of new stores. (Hence my being not terribly occupied.) I'm expecting at some point I will end up putting together registers and things just for efficiency's sake, but that'll likely be next week, not this one.

The one exciting (I guess?) thing about work this week was that Saturday morning I came in to find our IT and Marketing wing in the process of getting flooded. We had an issue with the ACs on the roof that made there be essentially a lake on the sixth floor, which dripped down to us. We didn't end up with a lot of equipment getting rained on, thankfully, but sadly the one thing that did get rather soaked was a five foot long banner printer. So uh. Not a cheap piece of equipment. Anyhow, having been in on Saturday morning and therefore catching it early, I think I managed to avert a bunch of damage we'd have probably been in for if I hadn't moved stuff out of the path of the hallway rain spots. As you do.

That was a weird morning.

House: The new house settling in is going well. We continue to be totally thrilled by this place. We squee back and forth to each other things like, "I ran the dishwasher at 10 PM. And it WAS OK TO DO SO!" and "when you shut the faucet off on the sink? THE WATER ACTUALLY STOPS!"

Uh. Yeah, so new house is super, and I love it and am so, so happy.

We did a Container Store run recently, as I desperately needed under bed storage, we needed some bathroom solutions (like a new over-door towel rack that both a) didn't deposit towels on the floor if you breathed on it, and b) allowed the door to ever open. We are so picky. :P

Anyhow. My shoes are now sensibly stored and not sprawled over five feet of my floor, some of the boxes under my bed have been unpacked and replaced with intentional drawers that combine items of like type (amazing), and my jewelry is neatly arrayed. It's nice. I will need to do yet more unpacking, though. And I need to donate more to Good Will.

Health: Doing well. Heat never agrees with me, and I feel like I keep being partly sunburned, but I'm basically fine.

Music: In both groups album work goes on as usual. It's much easier to keep up with Sassafrass audio editing work when every other part of my life isn't completely overwhelming. Imagine that. :P

With Stranger Ways, we're still racing against the clock in terms of what we can finish, since Nat is moving across country for a year. I still don't know what we're doing in his absence (aside from going, "gee, we miss Nat," rather often. :P) Nonetheless, we're getting some progress on tracks, and we're definitely creeping up on completing the album some day.

Other Hobbies: I think I want to get back into making things. Specifically hair ornaments and jewelry. Partly this is from putting away my jewelry collection and looking at the small number of items in there which are things I've made, partly this is from the Container Store run having given me a bunch of tubular crin, which is the stuff used to make cyberlocks. (I refuse to spell it with an x. No.)

Anyhow, I bought one pair of cyberlocks about seven years ago, and I'd always vaguely wanted a) to have more, b) to make my own. Uh. Well, now I'm thoroughly enabled on that count. After making two this weekend turned out well, I ordered a bunch more. Next on the list: I need rainbow ones. Need them. Totally practical, not at all frivolous. :P

General Life Stuff: I'm still splitting my time four ways (work, Sassafrass, Stranger Ways and Arisia) and not quite as good on free time as I might like. Also I need to spend more of my spare time on organizing and getting rid of stuff. Moving always rings home how much stuff a person owns, and also how impractical it is to own that much, with a side of, "but whyyy??" I'd like to try to clear stuff out of the grey category of "miscellaneous" wherever possible, but it does take a goodly amount of brain and willpower to do it.

On the whole though, I'm happy, I'm well, and things are going just fine. And I keep being so pleased with the new house. Hopefully we will soon figure out when we want to do housewarming stuff.

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