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Sunday, February 19th, 2012 02:57 pm
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So I am on a boat, and will be wandering the Caribbean for the next week. I know my online presence isn't usually a whole slew, but thought I would mention there will be radio silence from my end once we disembark later today.

I will be having an awesomesauce time concerting and singing and generally being ridiculous. :D

Hope you all have a lovely week while I am away... and watch for octopodes. (I hear they're back.)
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Have a happy one :)

I am very in favour of this holiday, if a little slow on the draw. I will start actually commenting on more than one of these, now that I am no longer perpetually horizontal and hacking up a lung!

Happy Galentine's Day
my thread
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...but this is not it.
I did, though, want to mention that I made it through Arisia and its two concerts. Arisia details )

Oh, and now that Stranger Ways' new album is officially released, allow me to link our bandcamp site for it: http://strangerways.bandcamp.com/album/guilt-angst-fairy-tales

As with everything, I have a hard time not listening for flaws (and I particularly have a hard time listening to my voice), but it's really neat that there's a CD out there that I'm a part of.
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I'm excited to report Stranger Ways (the band I'm in) has finalized our new CD, Guilt, Angst and Fairy Tales!

The physical CD release will happen at the Stranger Ways/Sassafrass concert we're doing at Arisia in January. (See Facebook link for details.)

In the meanwhile, check out our newly revamped website (http://www.stranger-ways.com/) and on it, a preview track from the new CD, called Resonance.

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Thursday, December 22nd, 2011 04:19 pm
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Huh. With all the complaints about the new comment system, I'd been looking at LJ yesterday and wondering, "what changed? What's wrong?"

Apparently I didn't have changes hit me until very recently. And the answer is "oh, THAT. Uhh... yuck."

I guess I will attempt to be as diligent as possible about posting over here with crossposting enabled, and about trying to add people to my DW circle when I can figure out who they are.

Please feel free to circle me on DW if you like, and I will reciprocate and try to migrate over to at least using both sites in a somewhat orderly fashion, if not giving up LJ wholly at this time (because I don't want to not get updates on peoples' lives).

As an "I'm entertained" aside: I still have a paid LJ account solely because of the DDoS attack paid time extenstions. I'm not planning renewing with LJ, and I think I will get a paid account at DW shortly.

Edit: where by "shortly," I meant, "now." I think this means that in addition to other "weekend when no one is here and I sing at the top of my lungs in between playing Dragon Age" festivities I had planned, I will also work on some icon stuff. :D
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I had a wonderful and lovely Thanksgiving, and was extremely happy to spend time in the quiet of Vermont, surrounded by excellent company. While intermittently pulling catering reports for work. As one does.

New job flailing and panicking + general happiness )
Anyhow. If I haven't said it lately - in between all the frustration, flailing, and feelings of being too busy to cope, I love my life and the people in it. :)


Friday, June 3rd, 2011 10:22 am
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So this past Wednesday we moved house. It was a simple move, from downstairs in our house to upstairs. We went from having an apartment on the first floor with one second floor room to an apartment on the second floor with three bedrooms on the third floor.

We thought it was bigger. We did not realise *how much* bigger. We have a totally lovely guest room and hobby room space now, which is really exciting.

Well, okay, we don't have it yet, as it is completely flooded with all our displaced books from every emptied bookshelf and the couple dozen boxes that got dumped in there toward the end of the day when it got to a point of not being able to make it up the second flight of stairs any longer.

Speaking of which, ow. In prior moves, I'd always had my arms and shoulders sore afterward, which, y'know, is a thing, but was livable. This time in addition to those, my legs are completely dead. SO MANY STAIRS. It took us just about five hours worth of purely shifting things up and down stairs. 36 hours later, only now can I *sit down* without wincing, it turns out standing up, though, is a different matter. Also I can now climb stairs, but descending is a bit of an affair. *pathetic*

Anyhow. We're all really happy with the apartment and with the fact that our rude, loud, unfamiliar-with-how-civilization-works former upstairs neighbours are gone. The downstairs folks seem nice, and we're looking forward to having people as neighbours who believe in *discussion* as a method of problem solving, rather than insisting there's no problem, or in response to a request for modification, intentionally modifying the situation *in the opposite direction.*

Whee. Also, y'know, they seem much less likely to start out with issues like having their friends over for a drunken party at 3 AM on a Wednesday. So that's good.

In other fun news, I have a new phone as of yesterday. Same number as before, though. I got a Samsung Infuse. It is kind of largish, but it's thin and light. It's actually sort of like a mini-tablet that happens to also be a phone. Thus far I love it. I can actually *see* things on it. With the old phone, I'd get requests for "what's going on with X" where "X" would be in a screen shot, and at that point, good freaking luck, I have *no idea* what's going on there. I am trying to restrain myself in terms of number of apps I put on this phone. But it's so shiny!

So the long and the short: life is good. Looking forward to unboxing our lives again. Totally looking forward to more shiny phone playtimes. Just wish my calves would stop hurting.

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